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Teaching Philosophy

I believe that learning to play the flute teaches us about listening, creating joy, finding connection, learning self-discipline, and experiencing the profound pleasure of personal accomplishment. Also scales, etudes, and cool pieces.

The daily discipline of practice and self-reflection rewards us with insights we carry into all of life’s pursuits, musical and otherwise.  The study of an instrument is the first step in the lifelong pleasure of creating music yourself and enjoying the performances of others.  It is my goal to both challenge and nurture every student.  I enjoy teaching students at every level and at every stage of learning. The only prerequisite I require from my students is commitment and curiosity.

I also adore sharing my love for the piccolo - an instrument secretly capable of producing stunningly beautiful  sounds and colors. 

Are you already a serious student of the flute or piccolo?  I am also pleased to offer coaching for upcoming performances or auditions.  

At this time lessons are available on a case-by-case basis both in-person and online.  I am happy to report that the online format has proven to be excellent for flute/piccolo lessons!  If you are considering studying with me at Dartmouth College or at Northeastern University, all lessons are currently in-person. If you are considering studying the flute or piccolo in this most unusual of times, I assure you that it is truly a wonderful and meaningful gift to give yourself.  You will find the structure, beauty, connection, and joy of discovery to be especially valuable following this extended time of turmoil and isolation.

Check out a recent masterclass with members of the Dartmouth Flute studio with Cindy Meyers, piccolo and flutist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra:

Teaching: Welcome
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